Veggie Spaghetti Bolognese | Super Food Family Classics | Jamie Oliver


Jamie’s taken this family favourite and given it a veggie twist! Porcini mushrooms and plump lentils create a ragu that’s as rich and full of flavour as a meaty version. It’s packed with protein, contains three of your five a day and by choosing wholewheat spaghetti you’re also upping your fibre intake – spag bol the healthy choice? We’ll take that!

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  1. Amei… só queria vê algum prato delicioso para intolerantes e alérgicos a lactose. Como tudo a base de soja, e de proteínas: cabra, cordeiro, porco, frango, ovos, peixes… menos "vaca" e parentes… rsrs…

  2. Can this veggie bolognese sauce be used in a lasagna instead of regular meat sauce? Can I skip the red wine or is it a necessary ingredient? I hope somebody can answer my two questions :)

  3. To everyone saying this isn't bolognese because it contains no meat: What you consider bolognese probably isn't bolognese either. Most people think of bolognese as a tomato sauce containing ground beef. Officially, bolognese uses chunks of stewing meat that's braised for a long time rather than ground meat, and it has to be a mixture of different meats including beef and lamb (and sometimes pork), not just beef.

    If you're going to criticize someone else, get your own facts straight first.

  4. Really really enjoyed this. Had been looking for a non processed (i.e not quorn) veggie bolognaise recipe and this one works a treat. I just left out the carrot and used basil instead of parsley. Yum :-)


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