Spaghetti Pizza Recipe / How To Video by Laura Vitale “Laura In The Kitchen” Episode 46


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  1. It needs some green.  I would add chopped spinach or chopped kale and some chopped fresh basil.  Then on top grated mozzarella with cut cherry tomatoes as you would for a pizza.

  2. I just found that Italian do this kindda Pizza. in my country Indonesia, which Pizza been here only in the last 15 years or so. Oldies like to make this with Instant noodle which we knew since I was a girl.  1 instant noodle (Fried Noodle or Curry Noodle taste), 2 eggs, slice green onion / spring onion, add desire meat you have, then pan fried, thats what usually we call "Pizza Mie", and here it cost only 30-50 cents, comparing to Medium Pizza Hut or Domino Pizza that cost 10 U$,.. Pizza Mie is certainly something,.. thanks for your video Laura,..


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