How to Make Classic Italian Lasagna Recipe by Laura Vitale – “Laura In The Kitchen” Episode 47


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  1. I like to add a lot of garlic, red pepper flakes, fennel, fresh basil, oregano & Italian seasoning. Then Parmesan & Romano into sauce.
    I know some Italians that add a bit of brown sugar, but I do not care for a sweet sauce.

  2. let's be real….you do not need to cook it for 4 hours. I've made beautiful bolognese sauces that take me about an hour and a half at most AND aren't thin like that

  3. "you know you have a good thick sauce when the spoon stands up"
    "it's been cooking for 4 hours"
    sauce is nowhere near being thick enough to hold a spoon. c'mon Laura

  4. Laura if you like smoked ham, please try topping your beef and cheese lasagna with smoked gouda cheese. It gives it such a fantastic flavor. Almost like you cooked the beef with smoked ham. I tell you, it's delicious.


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